Boot Camps at Columbia


Full Stack Flex Boot Camp

In the Columbia Engineering Coding Boot Camp, learners go through a market driven program on full stack web development and finish with skills in demand for web development, such as Browser Based Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery), Databases (MySQL, MongoDB), Deployment (Heroku, Git), Quality Assurance, Server Side Development (Node.js, Express, MERN Stack), and more. Columbia Engineering Coding Boot Camp is offered part-time (24 weeks), full-time (12 weeks), or online (self-paced for 24 weeks). Click here to join today.


Data Analytics Boot Camp

In the Columbia Engineering Data Analytics Boot Camp, learn Advanced Excel, Python, JavaScript (D3.js, Leaflet.js), HTML5/CSS, API Interactions, Social Media Mining, SQL, Tableau, Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning, R, Git/GitHub, and more. Complete projects using real data sets from the worlds of finance, healthcare, government, social welfare, and more—allowing you to build a strong portfolio with a professional demonstration of mastery. Click here to join today.


Cybersecurity Boot Camp

In the Columbia Engineering Cybersecurity Boot Camp, learners will gain experience in Networking, Systems, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, Ethical Hacking (Kali Linux, Metasploit, Hashcat, Burp Suite), Python, and more. Learn to identify suspicious patterns of behavior to identify bots, analyze malware to identify its origin and purpose and determine methods for uninstalling it, and conduct vulnerability assessments. Click here to join today.


FinTech Boot Camp

In the Columbia Engineering FinTech Boot Camp, learn Financial Fundamentals, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Solidity, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Truffle Suite), Machine Learning Applications in Finance, Financial Programming (Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, NoSQL) and more. Learners will develop market-driven skills for the modern financial services sector and build a portfolio of work that demonstrates these skills.  Click here to join today.

What Graduates Receive

  • Access to our curated network of employers looking to hire Boot Camp graduates.
  • An Award of Completion from Columbia Engineering showcasing your accomplishments to future employers.
  • A robust portfolio of projects to demonstrate your working knowledge of web development.

About Columbia Engineering

The mission of The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science is to expand knowledge and advance technology through research, while educating students to become leaders informed by an engineering foundation. Enriched with the intellectual resources of a global university in the City of New York, we push disciplinary frontiers, confront complex issues, and engineer innovative solutions to address the grand challenges of our time. We create a collaborative environment that embraces interdisciplinary thought, integrated entrepreneurship, cultural awareness, and social responsibility, and advances the translation of ideas into practical innovations.