XSeries on edX

edX Columbia University, also known as ColumbiaX, offers online MicroMasters, XSeries and individual courses on a variety of subjects taught by our top instructors at Columbia University.

XSeries are a combination of a bunch of individual courses that can also be taken individually. These programs can now be audited for free or students can choose to receive a verified certificate for a small fee.

Women Have Always Worked

In this Xseries program, explore the history of women in America and discover how historians have worked to uncover the place of women and gender in America’s past. The Women Have Always Worked four-part series will explore women’s participation in the economy, politics, and social life of the nation, from Colonial America to the present day. We will challenge old truisms about the past and learn to view American history from a new and rich historical perspective. These four MOOCs investigate the practice of women’s history; they explore how and why we write women’s history, and why it is important that we do so. Individual courses in this XSeries include:

The Civil War and Reconstruction

In this XSeries program, learn about the political, social, and economic changes in the Union and the Confederacy and the Civil War’s long-term economic and intellectual impact. One theme throughout the series is what might be called the politics of history – how the world in which a historian lives affects his or her view of the past, and how historical interpretations reinforce or challenge the social order of the present. The individual courses in this XSeries include: